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We adapt to your company and the current situation.

Direct and personal service

Mejoralia Asesores is the result of decades of know-how, technical skills and experience. Instead, what makes our company different is our reliability and availability. Just as no two clients are the same, no two consulting services are the same. We provide direct and personal service. We treat your business as if it was our own and our services go beyond just tax, accounting and labor matters.

Managing and developing your business.

You need to be able to concentrate on managing and developing your business, doing what you are best at. It is therefore important to have someone you can rely on to handle tax, VAT, accounting and personnel matters.
We will ensure that you are compliant with Spanish tax and accounting laws. Even more importantly, we can assist you to minimize your tax bill and keep more of the money that you have worked so hard to earn.

Company Secretary

All companies must have a Company Secretary to will deal with legal and reporting requirements stemming from the Companies Acts, which regulate how a company is run. Most business owners appoint themselves Company Secretary but do not have either the time or the technical knowledge to guarantee compliance with the various legal requirements. That is not a problem, with MEJORALIA ASESORES, since we can take care of all this on your behalf.

Consulting services

Mejoralia Asesores, PAE point in Jerez, Cádiz (Spain)

Do you wish to start a business and don’t know how?. If you have an idea of a business but you don’t know how.

red PAE

We can help you starting a business or becoming self employed.



Are you looking for a qualified partner for Outsourcing Services?

The nowadays business demands high competitiveness and to count with skilled outsourcing services. We allow our customers to outsource all processes that are not part of their core business and concentrate its resources on key business areas. Our philosophy is excellence, rigor and practical, multidisciplinary approach.

Accounting and financial area 100%
Feasibility and Analysis of projects 100%
Preparation and analysis of business plans 100%
National and international reporting 100%
Consolidation of financial statements 100%
Administration and Fiscal Management 100%
Integrated payroll and labor management 100%


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Business Consulting

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Human Resources

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Human Resources

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Fiscal Tax Services

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Accounting Services

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